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About Janet


Janet is a trauma-informed counsellor, Somatica-trained intimacy and relationship coach and somatic sexologist living on the west coast of BC, Canada. First and foremost, she is passionate about helping people live more integrated and joyful lives.  She has a grounding presence and creative spirit. Her approach is non-judgmental, trauma-informed, intuitive, and playful. She has a talent for helping people reclaim a sense of safety, agency, and pleasure in their body.

Janet meets clients where they are at and supports them based on their needs – whether it be healing, exploration, growth, or transformation. She works with individuals and couples of all genders and sexualities to overcome relationship and sexual challenges, and live with more freedom and authenticity. 

In her sessions, she experientially guides her clients to become empowered for deeper emotional and erotic intimacy, and to release shame while claiming desires. With Janet, you will uncover blocks, and gain a better understanding and acceptance of yourself and others. There are also fun discoveries to be made, such as learning how to tap into and control sexual energy and integrate your erotic self into your life.

Janet’s diverse education and work background include youth and family counselling (BACYC University of Victoria), horticultural/nature therapy (University of Vancouver Island), and the therapeutic use of expressive arts and circus. She is trained in and continues to study human sexuality, trauma, anti-oppression work, cultural somatic training, polyvagal theory, compassionate communication(Marshal Rosenberg) and compassionate inquiry(Gabor Mate). 


She believes that everyone has the potential for growth and confidence. If you are ready to lead a pleasure-filled, connected life full of juicy aliveness, book a session now!

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