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"I believe that just like the potential inside every seed, you have the same innate power to grow and flourish". 

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Welcome to Flourish. I'm Janet, I use she and they pronouns. I'm a trauma-informed counsellor, Somatica® trained intimacy and relationship coach and sexologist. I can help you identify and heal the wounds or missing experiences from your past that are getting in the way of your happiness or aliveness. I help you work through life challenges and transitions, and am highly trained in effective methods that maximize the potential of your sexual experiences, to create fulfilling relationships and authentic intimacy. I also offer education in sexual health and embodiment/mindfulness practices. I take a somatic (body based), holistic approach, pulling from various traditional theories as well as experiential practices and expressive arts.

Check the booking page for my next availability. I'm currently seeing clients online only.

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“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort"

~Brene Brown

Mountain Cliff Hiker
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Let's connect.

I would love to hear from you! Are you looking for sex education or communication/intimacy/conflict repair workshops for your establishment or corporation? Are you a therapist who wants to collaborate or refer clients? If you are someone looking for support but want to inquire about other booking times not listed in the booking section, or rates, or anything else, this is the place to send me a message. I'm looking  forward to connecting with you!

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